VVVIt brings Katheryn great joy to be associated with the range of musical projects that she is involved with. Some projects are short-term session work and some are long standing bands that she has played with, but all offer the great gift of connection with a vibrant community of creators and artists.

Here are some samples of the music that Katheryn has contributed to with Glittering Kingdom, Vaudeville Vagabonds, Joanna Chapman-Smith, Los Portenos del Norte, Melissa Bandura, Something About Reptiles, Blackberry Wood, Morgan Finlay, Babe Gurr, Michelle Dumond, Blake McAndless of Vacant Stairs, Big Joe Burke, Martin Ferguson and more.

‘Her professionalism was valued and she brought a special touch to the material that gave it real life for the audiences. The flair she brings to her performances, both through costume and presence, are a great asset to have on board.’ – Joanna Chapman-Smith