Katheryn Petersen (aka Salmon Avalanche) is a multi-media artist.

She has received four nominations for her videopoems at major Film Festivals across Canada. Her poetry has been published by numerous publications including Geist and Quills. She has performed her poetry by invitation many times including performances at the VPL, Tom Lee Music Hall and Chapel Arts. She has created, run and edited video for the ReAct Series at the Arts Club, and Mascall Dance. She has been commissioned to create multimedia works for a range of events including Music West, 2000 Women, Sistahood and the Western Front’s Performance Art Retrospective.

Katheryn was the Producer and Artistic Director of Manor of Speaking for Music West and the Coordinator for Public Dreams Lantern Installations. She has worked as Art Director and Production Designer for Commercial Production in Vancouver. She is also a professional accordionist and has created and performed multi-media works integrating video, word and accordion for shows at VCC in 2008 & 2009 and the Accordion Noir Festivals in 2009 & 2010. Here is her youtube channel where you can see a variety of her videos. During her 2021 artist residency in Cumberland Katheryn rehearsed and presented “Alley Flowers” an original album length musical cycle that integrated video, visual story-telling, spoken word and the non traditional use of the historic pipe organ in the host venue the Cumberland Weird Church.

Below is a stand alone video version (with embedded audio) of a 2019-2020 multi-media performance that featured Teapot in the Tuba playing along live to the visuals of this stop motion animation. The video is shown in landscape orientation here but was originally designed to be shown on a sideways TV with a gilt gold frame in portrait orientation to evoke the impression of a portrait wall and long ago family members who one has never met.