‘It is difficult to get away with doing something different on the accordion, but every time you see her she is breaking in a different “different”.’ – Rowan Lipkovitz, Accordion Noir Festival, Vancouver

Katheryn was the first person to obtain a Diploma in Jazz and Contemporary music as an accordion major at VCC School of Music. She is one of very few accordion majors at any accredited post secondary institute in BC and western Canada. At VCC Katheryn studied under world class Croation master player Jelena Milojevic and multi-instrument jazz player Alan Matheson. Katheryn studied from 2007-2010 receiving honours grades and several scholarships. She has since done 2 week full time summer intensives on Serbian music and blues accordion.

Katheryn currently plays with Green Penny Folks, Andy Tabb Welcome Band, Teapot in the Tuba and Something About Reptiles and off and on again with many other projects. She currently enjoys teaching a range of students and is an active board member of the Accordion Noir Society of Vancouver.