JCS and the Adequates -Final Show!

Just back from two amazing weeks on the snowy road with Joanna Chapman Smith and Mat Martin. Despite the daunting driving conditions of traveling through blizzards and frozen Ice Fields of BC and Alberta, the sites were spectacular, the music was sublime, and the people who we met and played for more than well worth it. It seems to me that there is something galvanizing about surviving extreme conditions together and particularly as bandmates –however shortlived. We have one more show together in this configuration, as “Joanna Chapman Smith and the Adequates”. Joanna and Mat leave on their train residency on Tuesday the 29th. After that Mat heads back to England and Joanna stays in Toronto to spend the holidays with her family. So I am sad that my little band family is splitting up so soon. It has been a particularly exceptional combination of talents and sounds which may or may not have future tours together –too many unknowns right now for three people based out of three far separated cities. So I am suggesting that if you want to hear what we have been up to that you join us for our last show this coming Sunday, November 27th. It is a house concert that we are sharing with the End Tree boys. If you are interested in coming out drop me a line through my contact page and I will give you some deets. Harumble for that!


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