2021 Almost Done Ho Boi!

Four more days till the end of this epic year! In August I rehearsed, premiered and recorded a multimedia album “Alley Flowers” in Cumberland. This fall Balkan Shmalkan finished recording and mixing a new album (release date TBA spring 2022) and played a stack of great shows this fall/winter. Teapot in the Tuba became the darlings of the Burnaby Financial report and we wrapped our last gig for 2021 as New York Deer. Everybody felt it when Covid struck hard in the last two weeks of December when holiday gigs and events got cancelled for a second year running and the snappy cold hit. I guess it’s time to update the gig list:

December 31, 2021, New Year’s at the Princeton, Something About Reptiles, Covid Cancellation
December 21, 2021, Secret Lantern Society, Katheryn Solo, Covid Cancellation
December 19, 2021, Britannia Solstice Coffee House, Teapot in the Tuba
December 11, 2021, Commodore Ballroom, Balkan Shmalkan open for Five Alarm Funk
December 10, 2021, Brasstopia at the Red Gate, Balkan Shmalkan
November 20, 2021, Russian Tim at the Fox Cabaret, Balkan Shmalkan
November 5, 2021, Extinction Rebellion Fundraiser at Heritage Hall, Hot Water Ensemble, Duke Ellington Tribute
October 30, 2021, Parade of Lost Souls, Balkan Shmalkan
Sept 16, 2021, Something About Reptiles at Lanalou’s 
Sept 11, 2021, Moon Fest Slocan Park, Balkan Shmalkan Headlining
Aug 23-29, 2021, Alley Flowers Rehearsal, Premiere and Recording Weird Church Pipe Organ Residency
August 21, 2021, Artful Sundays, Katheryn Solo
August 20, 2021, Sounds of Summer, Burnaby, Teapot in the Tuba, Edmonds Stage
August 14, 2021, MacLean Park Series, Teapot in the Tuba with Stephan Hamm
August 13, 2021, Burnaby Parks Summer Series, Teapot in the Tuba, Robert Burnaby Park
August 12, 2021, Burnaby Parks Summer Series, Teapot in the Tuba, Cameron Centre
August 8, 2021, Sounds of Summer, Burnaby, Teapot in the Tuba, Edmonds Stage
July 30, 2021, Collingwood Days, Balkan Shmalkan
June 26, 2021, West End Market, Teapot in the Tuba
May 16, 2021 Burnaby Museum, Teapot in the Tuba Video Shoot at Shadbolt Theatre
May 15, 2021 VSO Day of Music, Teapot in the Tuba in Mosaic Park
May 15, 2021 VSO Day of Music, Balkan Shmalkan in Woodland Park
May 13, 2021 Burnaby Parks, Teapot in the Tuba in a Canoe Video Shoot for Canada Day

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